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Past Webinars

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03 Mar 2022

How close is too close – multidisciplinary surgical margin assessment of soft tissue sarcoma

Jay Wunder, Toronto, CANADA

The Toronto Sarcoma MDT moderated by Jay Wunder present the Toronto perspectives on the assessment of surgical margins, with specific reference to the extremity (Jay Wunder), retroperitoneal (Carol Swallow) surgery, as well as the view from the pathologist (Brendan ) and the radiation oncologist (Charles Catton).

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13 Jan 2022

Challenging in creating national sarcoma networks

Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, Lyon, FRANCE

Prof. Jean-Yves Blay presents the development of the French Sarcoma Network, the importance and power of MDT's and the lessons learned to scale among global sarcoma networks.

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04 Nov 2021

Post ASCO ESMO 2021 summary Reflections, conclusions and directions

Prof. Axel Le Cesne, Villejuif Cedex, FRANCE

Prof. Axel LeCesne summarizes herein this year's sarcoma highlights from the largest oncology meetings from the United States (ASCO) as well as Europe (ESMO). From the Medical Oncologist's perspective.

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02 Sep 2021

Lessons learned from the large last randomized trials in front-line chemotherapy in advanced STS

Prof. Axel Le Cesne, Villejuif Cedex, FRANCE

Prof. Axel Le Cesne reflects on key experiences which resulted from past large clinical trials on advanced STS and what we need to improve in the future for better patient care.

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01 Jul 2021

Areas of improvement in sarcomas

Prof. Javier-Martin Broto, Madrid, SPAIN

Prof. Javier Martin-Broto identifies areas of sarcoma treatment which may need to addressed to improve the outcome of sarcoma patients.

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04 Mar 2021

Oncologic sacral resections: Evaluation, execution, and limitations/unresectability

Prof. Peter Rose, MD, MN, USA
Prof. Michael Yaszemski, MD PhD, MN, USA

Prof. Peter Rose presents current insights on oncologic resections of the sacrum and limitations.

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07 Jan 2021

Immunotherapy for sarcomas

Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, Lyon, FRANCE

Prof. Jean-Yves Blay provides an overview of the role of immunotherapy in the treatment of sarcoma patients.

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29 Oct 2020

Retroperitoneal sarcoma (surgery, RT)

Prof. Alessandro Gronchi, Milano, ITALY

Prof. Alessandro Gronchi summarizes the work up, indications for (neo-)adjuvant treatment as well as surgical indications for retroperitoneal sarcomas.

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10 Sep 2020

How to select sarcoma treatment in 2020 (histology – biology)

Prof. Axel Le Cesne, Villejuif Cedex, FRANCE

Prof. Axel Le Cesne provides an overview of how important it is to individualize sarcoma treatment based on the biology of the tumor.

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